Amy Cryan

Amy Cryan.jpgMy name is Amy Cryan, and I am married to the most wonderful man, Stephen. We have three beautiful children, Carter (11), Emersyn (8) and Weston (5). Our lives were changed dramatically on September 28, 2011. I went for an MRI after a routine eye exam to check on a vision loss in my right eye. The MRI showed that I had a brain tumor, which had nothing to do with the vision issue I was having, so I consider it a blessing from above that I went to the doctor.

I was 34 years old and had three young children. I was devastated and thought it was the end of my life. I had brain surgery on October 21, 2011, and it was discovered that I had a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma. I then did six weeks of radiation and fourteen months of chemotherapy. I now see my oncologist and have an MRI every two months.

I could not have gotten through the last two years without my faith, family and friends!!! I have the most AWESOME network of friends that anyone could ask for. I also have the most amazing family including the BEST parents in this world!!! They have all been by my side from the beginning and have never left. My faith has not only been tested but strengthened tremendously over the last couple years.

My journey is definitely not over, but I absolutely refuse to let brain cancer keep me from living my life!!! Being that my family and I are devout Christians, I feel that God has a plan for me!!!!