Carlos Leon

Run for the Rose - Hero Photo - Carlos Leon.JPGCarlos is being treated at MD Anderson. His surgeon was Dr. Weinberg and his oncologist is Dr. DeGroot. He has undergone two surgeries, radiation and chemo. Carlos is an amazing man who was born and raised here in Houston. He played college football for the University of Houston and is now a practicing Attorney. He and his wife Julie have three sons.

Carlos spends every spare moment coaching his sons. He is a board member at the local little league, as well as, a board member for the Houston Trial Lawyers. Carlos' parents are of Cuban descent, and his mother passed away of cancer just 6 weeks after Carlos' tumor was found. Needless to say 2012 was a tough year. 

Luckily, Carlos is doing well and his last two scans show no tumor growth. In fact, you would never know that Carlos is going through this. He works full time and works out every day. He is the true definition of strength and courage. He gets up every day with the plan that he will beat this!!!! Doctors, of course, have given us all the statistics, but we feel that there is hope for a longer survival for him.

Believe it or not, we look at this as a blessing. Carlos and Julie used to take life for granted and always worried about the little things in life. Now, they thank God for every day.