Eve Ruhlman

Eve Ruhlman.jpgBorn in 1981, Eve Marie Ruhlman has never taken life for granted and tries to live it to the fullest. All during high school, her fellow colleagues made fun and ridiculed Eve because of her seizures. She had so many seizures and was under so much medication her senior year of high school, she was pretty much home schooled the last year. During her first year of college in 1999, she was diagnosed with a ganglioglioma brain tumor and immediately started her journey of the last 15 years including two brain surgeries and several different treatments.

But Eve considered her brain tumor a blessing. It has taught her that life is too short to carry grudges or negative energy towards others. She also feels that it is a reminder to her how incredibly lucky she is in her life and to take full opportunity of her life. She always likes to make people laugh and feel comfortable and enjoys friendships with people from all diversities and backgrounds. She is always ready to help others in need. She volunteers her time in many organizations in the Houston area including Texas Dragon Boat Association, Dive Pirates, Consular Corp, Houston Junior Chamber, and many more.

Her tumor grew back in 2011, and once again, she had brain surgery at MD Anderson. Now Eve is doing great and smiling even bigger! Oh, her gray hair is coming in but she refuses to color them; she considers them a privilege that not everyone gets.