Joseph Hopkins

My husband, Joseph, was diagnosed in January of 2014 with a brain tumor in his left temporal lobe.  Dr. Ferguson performed an awake craniotomy on February 5 and was able to get almost 95% of the tumor out!  We were told the tumor was actually part of his brain cells so they were very careful in the surgery in order to save his speech.  Joseph’s pathology came back as a low grade 2 Oligodendroglioma.  In April he completed proton radiation therapy at MD Anderson Proton Center.  So far, we are told that he will not need chemotherapy. I am constantly amazed by his recovery.  He was driving 2 weeks after surgery and back to work as well.  Thanks to the Dr. Ferguson, he lost NO speech or memory.  He still experiences headaches and the radiation seems to make the headaches worse, but we've been told that's normal.

MD Anderson staff was so amazing, and the people we've met throughout our journey will forever be in our heart.  I read about the Run for the Rose and the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation on Facebook. I told Joseph about it and we thought this was something we wanted to be a part of in a participant capacity. We have since participated for many years and are looking to get more support for the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation and MD Anderson.

Team: We're in this Together