Judy Gorewitz

Judy Gorewitz.JPGMy name is Judy Gorewitz, and I have been married to my husband Don for 49 years in April 2014. We have three wonderful children, their spouses and six precious grandchildren.

I was diagnosed on July 3, 2013, with inoperable Astrocytoma grade 3 and a very rare form of brain cancer called Gliomatosis Cerebri. I have been on Temodar chemotherapy for seven months, and so far, the tumors are stable.

I am trying to follow my husband’s lead dealing with his Parkinson’s disease of being a very positive person and not giving in to depression. I am very active in my husband’s Parkinson’s group and now in Run for the Rose. Staying active and positive keeps me thinking of others and not so much of myself.

I have a wonderful support group of my family, dear friends and a wonderful Cantor at our Temple that have all been by my side. My husband gave me a Hope Charm which I wear around my neck. That is what I have... Hope!