Julie Anne Leggett

I am a native Houstonian and a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Animal Science.

My life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed in 1992 with a mixed gliomas, inoperable brain tumor. I was 31 years old, a single Mom with 2 daughters aged 6 and 9. Dr. Levin, Head of Neurosurgery at M.D. Anderson was my savior for 19 years. He aggressively treated my tumor with surgery, removing as much as he could and following up with radiation and chemotherapy. The optic nerve in my left eye was affected leaving me with no peripheral vision. I have been in multiple studies over the years and have been told by more than one fellow that I am an interesting case study. In 1995 I took part in an M.D. Anderson Patient Video called “Shades of Grey.” The video interviewed patients and detailed the impact cancer was having on their everyday life as well as that of their families. Multiple strokes over the years have left me physically disabled. I am a left handed Aggie with no left hand. I feel and broke my hip in 2011, requiring a total hip replacement. I have been a patient at M.D. Anderson for over 23 years and the hospital has become my home away from home. I attribute my survival to my Catholic faith, my strong will to live, the incredible doctors, nurses, and all the rest of the staff at this amazing hospital, including the many volunteers.

Through the Grace of God, I have been allowed to watch my daughters grow up. I have a grandson whom I adore. I celebrated my 50th birthday on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. While life has not been easy as a cancer survivor, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with another brain tumor. I had surgery, it was benign, and I am still here, counting my blessing and living my life. Each day is gift and I don’t take it for granted.