Super Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper.jpgThis journey began November 1, 2012, when we had to take Sam to the emergency room at St. Lukes. He began having issues with his balance when walking and standing. It gradually moved to not being able to sit up without falling over and eventually he began crawling vs walking to avoid falling.

They did an MRI that night. This is the point at which our lives changed. The doctor, who was fabulous and also affiliated with Texas Children's, came out and informed us that Sam had a golf ball sized brain tumor sitting in the cerebellum of his brain.

As of Jan 1, 2014, here are the things we are praying for specifically: That he will eat (not eating anything or drinking), he will gain the strength to run and walk on his own (he can walk but has to really focus). He has gained back his speech and he communicates wonderfully so we are enjoying the conversations with this little guy.