Anna Beth Ochoa

Anna Beth Ochoa.jpgDue to a car wreck mid-summer of 2011 which provided a CAT-Scan, two golf-ball sized tumors were found on the left temporal lobe pushing against the frontal lobe. Surgery was performed five days later to remove >95% of the tumors. I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme - Grade IV, and given a statistic time frame of possibly 14 months.

I completed 30 days of radiation in early October. I could not take chemo due to platelets dropping drastically, and the tumors were recurrent by Christmas. I qualified for a trial, and the modified adeno-virus - Delta 24-RGD, Phase 1 (now called DNX-2401) - was injected into the area of the tumors in January of 2012, My last MRI and checkup appointment was this past December of 2013.

It’s been about 2 years since the trial, and a little over 2 ½ years since the surgery and diagnosis. My MRI’s and checkups over the last two years since the Delta-24 injection show what they believe to only be scar tissue. I’ve now made it to six months between visits!!

I am now a single-mom with two children. My daughter, Kasey, is now 13, and my son, Colton, will be 10 in March.