Christian Holley

Christian Holley.jpgChristian Holley was a thriving junior at the University of North Texas in the spring of 2011. He was majoring in Economics and planning to spend the following Fall semester as an exchange student to the University of Alaska to be involved in a government project taking place in Fairfield, Alaska. Christian was so excited to be accepted into that exchange program. But, just one day after his final dean approvals were signed in March of that year, he called home to say “Mom and Dad I think I need to come home." He was experiencing symptoms similar to stroke victims - unable to speak or walk a straight line.

Upon returning home to Houston, Christian withdrew from UNT to work with a team of family physicians and therapist to determine the problem. He was treated for depression for six weeks and then on May 13, 2011, he completely collapsed, unable to speak or move. He was taken by ambulance to St. Lukes hospital in The Woodlands. A brain scan showed that Christian had a glioblastoma, stage four inoperable brain tumor that covered the majority of his brain. He was given three to six months to live.

Christian endured an aggressive plan of radiation and chemotherapy at MD Anderson. He charmed everyone from the valet folks, nurses, physical therapy team, pediatric oncology, and even the cafeteria staff. Christian’s beautiful dimpled smile touched many hearts during his brave and short fight against brain cancer.

He lost his battle on November 28, 2011. His Mom, Lisa, likes to put it this way… ”My beautiful boy left my arms, soaring into the arms of Christ that day.” We miss Christian so much, yet we find comfort in seeing how his kind and fun spirit lives on in all those that were touched by his short life of 21 years.