Jake Hendrix

Jake Hendrix.jpgHello, my name is Jake Hendrix. I am married to my loving wife Amanda, and we have one son, James. I was extremely active before diagnosis playing in several softball leagues, basketball league and volleyball league. I also enjoyed cycling both road and off road. However, all that changed for me. In February 2013, I went to the ENT for sinus headaches, and the ENT suggested a CT scan since I had never had one. The CT scan shocked us by showing something on my brain. This is how my story began...

After the initial CT finding, my brain MRI confirmed the presence of a tumor, and I was diagnosed with brain cancer. However, we couldn't know anything about the tumor until it was taken out. We decided to receive treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I elected for resection of the tumor over just a biopsy of the tumor. Important to note is that the discovery of the tumor was completely incidental. The headaches seem to have no correlation with the tumor, and I never experienced a seizure or any neurological symptoms. The tumor was removed as a complete resection on April 8, 2013, by Dr. Levine, and pathology labeled it is an "anaplastic oligodendroglioma with 1p19q deletion."

The good news is that this is a treatment-responsive tumor with a clinical history of much better survival than the majority of brain tumors. In May of 2013, I started on chemo for six months, and after my first chemo treatment, my son was born. So as you can imagine, 2013 was a completely crazy year for the Hendrix family. After six months of chemo, I went through six weeks of radiation as well. I finished up before Christmas, and I am currently on the two month MRI scan program.