Peggy Hollenbach

Peggy Hollenbach.jpgPeggy Hollenbach - truly a smile that lit up the world!

Everyone loved Peggy... Everyone. A friend to all. She was a joyous person full of life, silliness and laughter. She had a goal in life and that was to be a mom. She did it so beautifully! Her three beautiful girls are a testament to her life and legacy: Toni, Kelly and Danielle.

Peggy would be so proud of the latest addition to the line of amazing girls. Her granddaughter Carys is now joyously carrying on with her wide-eyed wonder of this amazing world. As a friend, sister and mom, she was a delight to be with and learn from. Life is good and all is well-Peggy saw this in her life and her family carry this message forward.

We are all so blessed to have had Peggy with us for 48 years. Peace and love to everyone with healing blessings throughout your own journey. You do make a difference in the world, just by being in it.