Shawna Callaghan

Shawna Callaghan.jpgShawna Callaghan is a wife, mother of three and Technology Professional. After suffering a seizure, she was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma in 2011. She continues to celebrate another year of healing with the support of family and friends who inspire her daily. After a partial tumor removal and a stroke complication, she underwent months of physical therapy followed by chemotherapy. With remaining inoperable tumor, she's accepted that she will always live 'with' brain cancer.

When she was first diagnosed, a friend who knew Marnie told her about the Foundation and immediately connected Shawna with a glioblastoma survivor for support. Finding this support saved her life.

When she's not chasing kids or working full-time, she volunteers as a cancer mentor through an organization that connects survivors with the newly diagnosed. Each one of their stories reminds Shawna that surviving is not measured by years and months but by remembering where you were and how far you've come.