Damon Hickey

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My wife and I had been working in Brazil for about 6 years. In November of 2007 I was in the process of having surgery to correct a deviated septum that had been bothering me for years. I had mentioned to the doctor that I noticed a small tremor in my right hand that had been progressing over the past 10 months. His suggestion was after completing the surgery on my nose to have a MRI to see if there was any issue.

The next morning when he entered the room the expression on his face told the whole story. My wife and I bought plane tickets to head back to the Houston that evening. Within in 2 weeks surgery was happening. After surgery I lost the ability to talk and had a speech therapist come in to teach me the basics all over again. I also had seizures that are now under control with medication. Then it was two years of chemo that was followed by 8 weeks of radiation that ended in December of 2009.

During this time the emotional rollercoaster was in full speed. The highs and the lows of every emotion possible one could have. I started looking back from the day I was diagnosed to today. With having Triplets that are now 5 years and two other wonderful children life can be a little busy. A lot has changed but I realized I was very blessed in my life.

I have meet so many wonderful people through this. Still working full time and also volunteer at Cancare to help other that need some “HOPE” in their life.

At this point I had accepted that I had brain cancer but in my heart I know that the cancer did not have me. Life is not measured by how many breaths you take but by how many times life takes your breath away.


Damon Hickey