Gage Geddes

Run for the Rose - Hero Photo - gage.JPGAfter several months of Gage Geddes being sick, vomiting, stumbling, we found ourselves at Texas Children's Hospital Emergency room. Within hours we were told that Gage had a large brain tumor, and the brain tumor team was on their way to talk to us. Gage was turning two later that week, and our hearts sank as we realized what may happen to our baby. Within days Gage underwent surgery. Days later we found out he had cancer, and we would be doing 33 radiation treatments and no chemo. The type of cancer didn't respond to chemo. Gage had one situation after another while in the hospital. He underwent many more surgeries for several issues that popped up. After 55 days we finally went home to our two other kids. Gage was no longer an energetic baby but a very sick, weak, child. He suffered facial paralysis, making it impossible for him to eat without a g-button; he couldn't walk or talk. It was a mess; however, Gage started to get better. Then after almost three years of MRI's and therapy, we received a huge blow. Gage's tumor was back! We went to Children's Memorial in Chicago and started all over again. Fast forward to today. Two years later and Gage is still in the game of life. It is through God's grace that Gage is here today. He is a blessing to all who know him. He is even able to smile again thanks to some radical surgery. God is still in the miracle business!