John Gillum

Run for the Rose Hero Photo John Gillum
John Gillum was my brother. He passed away June 20, 2010, after a two year battle with brain cancer. He really enjoyed seeing all the motorcycles from Ridin’ for the Rose arrive at Pelican Junction and eating the crawfish. John brought his best friend to Pelican Junction for the 2010 ride and even though it was raining, had a good time.

John was always the guy in the group that made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. He loved skateboarding and going to concerts. One of the last things he wanted to do and accomplished was taking his best friend, Kat and sister and brother-in-law, Tiffany and Carson to a Breaking Benjamin concert in Florida. John was having memory problems by the concert date but attached is a picture of John looking like he just won the lottery, as Breaking Benjamin took the stage. John also was a big fan of the Houston Astros. He made it to several games the last two years and even got to meet Mr. Doug Brocail, a pitcher for the Astros, while at an MRI follow-up. John returned from his MRI all excited because Mr. Brocail had carried on a conversation with him while John was waiting his turn.