Larry Glenz

Larry Glenz.jpgLarry Glenz is a wonderful husband, the proud father of three girls, and, most importantly, a fighter. On October 5, 2013, Larry experienced a seizure at his home in Brenham, Texas, and on October 10, 2013, the family realized the seizure was the result of a tumor in his left temporal lobe.

On October 16, 2013, Larry went through surgery to remove the tumor, and on October 18, 2013, the pathology reports indicated the tumor was Glioblastoma Multiforme- Stage 4. From the first day, Larry and his family chose to not deny the diagnosis but defy the verdict. Larry went through 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, and on January 27, 2014, his MRI results showed no signs of residual tumor; he was considered to be in remission.

The fight to beat cancer is far from over as Larry continues with maintenance chemotherapy and speech therapy. The family continues to find blessings in his diagnosis; they choose not to fear bad news but confidently trust the Lord to take care of them.

His youngest daughter blogs about his journey and their family’s journey -