Lila Howington

Run for the Rose Hero Photo Lila Howington
Lila Howington was diagnosed with brain cancer at the precious age of three and a half months old when doctors found a golf-ball-sized tumor in the back of her brain. Beating the odds, Lila has been in remission since December 2008, having undergone two brain surgeries, intense chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. While Lila has received immense blessings, nothing amounts to the ways Lila has blessed others.

With her constant smile and infectious positive attitude, she is a pillar of strength, courage and love to all who know her.

Now three years old and having spent most of her life in and out of the hospital, Lila is determined to make up for lost time. She recently began taking gymnastics classes and has regrown all of her hair. Lila is smart, articulate and has an incredible sense of humor.

Lila was treated at Duke University Hospital by a first-class team of surgeons, oncologists and nurses. Her positive outcome is a direct result of the research and development of advanced treatments for brain cancer patients at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

Lila’s uncle, Maneesh, completed his residency in pediatrics at UT-Houston. This is the same program that Marnie Rose was in a few years before. After Marnie’s passing, an award was established in her honor for excellence in pediatrics, and Maneesh won that award.