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Lizz Rojas Mittelsted is so many things to those around her. She is the second youngest in a family of five kids. This instilled in her a love of family, always the peacemaker. She is known as the sensitive one but those who know her came to know just how strong she is.

On October 3, 2013, Lizz was diagnosed with cancer. In November she had a mastectomy at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy as part of a six month treatment plan and will have another surgery after it is complete. Though her battle is not with brain cancer she can relate with others that have the cancer diagnosis in that she wakes up every day to overcome the battle and not let it define her.

Lizz is synonymous with family. She continues to care for her nieces and nephews. They see nothing sick about her, as she plays with them just like before the diagnosis. Every Wednesday after her chemotherapy it is known she’ll be sick for a few days. But, once it passes she is back at the park walking with her husband, going to visit her parents, or helping someone. Though she may not be feeling well, is tired or weak, she never says no and continues to offer. Her hobbies are gardening, photography, and laugh sessions with the girls. Lizz was an office manager for a pediatrician’s office for 16 years. Her love for children and families goes beyond her own. After being diagnosed she was unable to work at the office anymore due to the risk of infection. For someone who was always busy, it was and remains a transition for her. But, she has not let it falter her, remaining hopeful and positive in all that she does. She chose to take this opportunity to spend more time with her family. She completed her last 12 week round of chemo. And, here she is today walking with all of us. She is our hero!