Margaret Scherzer

Run for the Rose Hero Photo Margaret Schezer
Team Margaret is formed in memory of Margaret Scherzer. Raised on a farm in Niowat, Colorado Margaret became the help and support of her husband Otto as he moved from a city life to one of being a cattle rancher. Together they founded Twin Pines Ranch in Del Norte, Colorado and were successful in their ranching endeavor. Margaret served her community in many ways, was a 4-H leader for 30 years, was active in many Cattle Ranching organizations and was the state president of the Colorado Cowbelles in 1977. Margaret raised four children who all inherited her love of the land, animals, and deep devotion to God and family.

In March of 1981 Margaret awoke from sleep unable to speak. Prior to this event there had been no indication of any problems except for a slight numbness in her right leg which had been attributed to a pinched nerve. Immediately her family doctor sent her to Denver for tests and diagnosis and she was diagnosed with brain cancer. I am not sure that we were ever told what “type” of cancer it was, or even if they labeled them at that time, but cancer was cancer. The tumor was located almost exactly in the center of her brain. At that time there were no surgery options available as research had not progressed to the point it is at now in brain surgery and chemotherapy was not as detailed as it is now. Margaret was limited to radiation and chemotherapy. After three months is was evident that no treatment was working and so she chose to stop treatment and enjoy the remaining life she had. Margaret died in January of 1982 at the age of 54.

Our family runs in Margaret’s memory in order that research can continue and other families do not have to face the statement “there are no options.” It is exciting to read of people who have had cancer in the same location as Margaret’s and be able to receive treatment and survive!