Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez 300

What Michael thought would be a normal day was actually a day that would change his life forever. As he walked through the hallway of his house to get some milk, he walked up to the refrigerator and was suddenly confused because he thought the milk was in his hand. He then felt a strong sensation in his arm. He went to pick up the phone and it dropped to floor. Then went outside, and realized he couldn't speak. He waved to the neighbors and then had a seizure. He was diagnosed a week later with anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. With the care from MD Anderson they did brain surgery that removed 85-90% of his tumor. He went through radiation and chemotherapy. He worked with a speech therapist to regain the ability to speak and write. Family, friends, and faith kept him strong. It's been over 13 years ,we are blessed to have him, with no regrowth on scans! Life wouldn't be the same without a survivor that fought the biggest battle a man can face. We love you!

Team: Master JEDI Michael