Ross Nichols

Ross Nichols.jpgWhen I think of a hero, I think of someone who is brave and daring in the face of untold danger. A person that is humble, kind and somewhat uncomfortable as the center of attention. Someone who inspires you to be more than you thought you could be. For me, this person is my husband Ross Nichols. He inspires me each and every day. He is a man that our boys (10 and 7) look up to and who friends are proud to know.

Ross was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma brain tumor in September of 2013. The news was shattering. Research shows that 24-30 months is the average life span of someone with this type of tumor. Ross had radiation and chemotherapy for six weeks at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. He returned home just before Thanksgiving and was even able to return to work shortly after. We feel very blessed with how well everything has gone for us in the past couple of months and so very thankful for the friends and family that have rallied around us.

During this fight for his life, I have never heard Ross utter one complaint. NOT ONE! He does not get down in the dumps; he does not spend his time moping around. He gets up every day and fights. He is brave in the face of untold danger. He is humble and kind. He is uncomfortable with being the center of attention and even makes light of his situation to make others feel more comfortable. Ross has truly given this struggle up to God. He has faith that things will work out according to the plan that God has for him. (I am still working on that).

He inspires me. He makes me a better person. I am proud to fight this battle with such an amazing man. To know my husband is a a gift, to be his wife is an honor. We are running in honor of the truly amazing man that is the "hero" in our lives.