Amanda Holzworth

Amanda Holzworth.jpgI was first asked to do Run for the Rose in 2007 for one of my friend's grandfathers who passed away from a brain tumor, Team Geranimo. I noticed when I first did the run there weren't many "survivor" caps, but I knew I was helping with a great cause. The next year I did the run with a horrible headache and was diagnosed myself 3 weeks later with a glioblastoma brain tumor. After I was diagnosed, we changed our team name to The Real Ultimate Fighter's, that's what we are.

It is so strange how God works in our lives. After 2 surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation and chemo treatments for life, I now know what a true miracle it is that I am still alive, and I give all the glory to God, our Ultimate Healer.

I had to give up my career in dental hygiene but that's okay; I have two wonderful children and the best husband in the world. Josh and I started dating two weeks before our sophomore year of high school, he treats me better then I deserve. We also have two precious children, Arianne and Joey. They keep me so busy with volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, and, not to mention, school! I have to keep a HUGE calendar for everything. I still do temp work and keep my hygiene license active in case I do need to go back full-time, but I have been enjoying my time.

We can't know God's intentions until we get to heaven, but I trust and continuously pray to live a long, healthy life and help my husband raise our children in a way that glorifies the Lord.