Allan “Obbie” Lusky

Run for the Rose Hero Photo Allan Lusky

Allan “Obbie” Lusky was born on January 28, 1946. He was a man of intelligence, wit, and perseverance and had a toughness tempered by a deep sensitivity. He loved his family and was deeply loyal. Obbie was a talented athlete and a great salesman and he used his in born drive and determination to wage a mighty war against brain cancer. Diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in 1996 he vowed to fight his hardest against the deadly disease and he lived to see 16.5 more years. Obbie spent many of those years volunteering and giving hope and inspiration to countless other brain tumor patients. During this time, he was also able to make some wonderful memories and spend quality time with his wife Nancy, his two daughters, his grandchildren, and his family and friends. He kept his directness, sense of humor and rock hard hand shake to the end. Obbie was appreciative of all that he was able to do in his life and he was not afraid of dying and as he described it “going home to be with God”. We miss him dearly and eagerly await our reunion with him. We are appreciative of Run for the Rose and the opportunity it gives us to honor his memory and raise money for the dear warriors still fighting this disease.