Kyle Bonin

Kyle Bonin.jpgKyle graduated from Texas A&M with honors in 2011 and recieved his doctorates in Physical Therapy degree in May 2014. He has kept himself in top physical condition - completing his first marathon in 2013, remaining active in various professional organizations, tutoring other PT students, and volunteering for various causes. Even more remarkable is that Kyle achieved these things with double vision which was the result of a brain tumor.

In 2009, Kyle began to experience double vision. After consulting an ophthalmologist and a neuro-oncologist, it was determined that Kyle had a possible tumor in the mid-brain. He learned further that because of where it was, it was not advised to operate. Kyle’s doctors watched the tumor for four and a half years until January 2014 when it was observed that the tumor began to grow.

On January 13, 2014, a germinoma tumor was removed successfully from Kyle’s mid-brain. Kyle was in the hospital for 39 days continued with rehab to improve his walking. His prognosis looks good as he completed his last clinical rotation for his PT degree in April.

Since first being diagnosed, Kyle has exhibited a strong faith, resolute determination and undaunted courage to overcome the effects of the brain tumor. Kyle has a strong family and network of friends who have prayed for him and continue to pray for complete recovery.