Lora Mae Noe

Run for the Rose - Hero Photo - Lora Noe Photo.JPGLora Mae Noe was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend. The day we heard the words “glioblastoma stage four” we were all stunned that our mother had gotten a brain tumor (May 18, 2004). After listening to the doctors describe all the different treatments with all the serious side effects and the fact that there was no cure, our mother decided to forgo any additional treatment after the surgery. She was a model of courage, fortitude, and grace for the remainder of her life. Hospice was a great help with management of the symptoms and guidance about what to expect. Lora told one of her grandchildren that dying was like being born. When a new baby is about to be born, everyone is excitedly waiting for the birth; the same way that everyone in heaven is eagerly waiting for us to join them when we are about to die on earth (July 22, 2004). She was always ready to play a game or listen or talk. You could always tell that people were important to her. Her whole life was devoted to loving and caring for others. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to help take care of her in her last few months.