Alejandro Vasquez

Run for the Rose Hero Photo Alejandro Rene ALEX Vasquez

Isaiah 11 says…”A little child shall lead them.”

That’s a prophecy about Jesus, but the concept certainly fits the way childlike faith of young children can strengthen the faith of adults.

And, such was the faith of a little boy named, ALEX.

Even as brain cancer limited his ability to move and made his left side go limp and eventually paralyzed him – he never complained – NEVER! And, he always had a smile on his face, although a little crooked toward the end. He was a brave little warrior displaying his strength and courage all the way through three (3) surgeries, numerous days of radiation treatments and countless trips to his many doctors.

Alex is in Heaven, but he didn’t leave us “empty-hearted”…he left behind his childlike faith – so pure and trusting.

Thank you ALEX – forever in our hearts.