David Bludau

Run for the Rose Hero Photo David Bludau
David Bludau was diagnosed with a brain tumor on September 15, 2010, which was later diagnosed as glioblastoma. He was treated at MD Anderson for resection of the tumor which was performed by Dr. Fredrick Lang on October 4, 2010. The surgery was successful with almost 100% removal of the tumor mass. After 3 weeks of recovery in the hospital, David was released and began his chemo and radiation therapy as an outpatient at MD Anderson. One lasting effect of David’s tumor and the resection is his weakness on his left side, particularly related to his ability to walk. He began physical and occupational therapy during his hospital stay, which he continued at Warm Springs in Victoria. He made great strides in his rehabilitation post surgery. It was not unusual for David to bravely show off his progress, throwing caution to the wind. He surprised everyone when he demanded a dance with his oldest daughter at her wedding just one month after his surgery. David was overwhelmingly positive, and he made all of us very proud.