Jennifer Jakobfi

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Jenn began having seizures shortly after she had her first child, her son, in the spring of 2008 at the age of 21. She learned not too long afterwards that she had brain cancer and commenced treatment shortly thereafter. Her first brain operation was as successful as it could be; removing 80% of her tumor. Her treatment focused on attacking the cancer through other means as the remainder of her mass was inoperable. Jenn demonstrated incredible courage over the next year as her body fought. No matter the challenge or setback she remained incredibly positive and strong. Jenn was always caring for those she loved in spite of her struggle!

Jenn’s strength, courage and optimism was so powerful it caused everyone to forget her battle with brain cancer and to even forget that the cancer hadn’t fully been eradicated from her body. Another precious child, her daughter, was born in 2010 and her vivaciousness caused her to seem completely healthy. No one would ever guess she had battled cancer a few years before in such a traumatic manner. I am convinced that her spirit and love enabled her to carry on so strongly!

Late spring of 2014, her seizures returned, and she was informed in the middle of the summer to do the things she wanted to most do, as the cancer had grown significantly. After an amazing time with family and friends, Jenn once again braved another brain surgery. Her resolve inspired and encouraged everyone she faced! She came through the surgery with some side-affects, but her determined and positive spirit remained untarnished.

Determined to “get back to life” — Jenn convinced everyone to send her home to be with her family whom she adored beyond words. Unfortunately, several weeks later she was forced to face the reality of hospice care. To her last day, Jenn was always caring for others, in spite of her pain she was using “please’s” and “thank you’s” and dying with beauty and dignity. And most of all with love.

Jenn’s children, Lucas and Evelyn, were the light of her life, and she treasured her family. It was not, however, only her family members who often found themselves on the receiving end of her unmatched capacity for love, warmth, and compassion. Jenn’s selflessness touched countless people, and her positivity and optimism were seemingly limitless, even as she bravely battled the illness that took her life far too soon. She will be dearly missed and always remembered.