Jerry van de Meerakker

jerry van de meerakker
Jerry was born on September 17, 1967, in Curacao. He loved windsurfing, sailing, being outdoors, and team sports. An adventurous child he was, this never changed. Jerry was always looking for fun things to do. He lived most of his childhood in Curacao then moved back to Holland with his parents. Here he studied Economics, but he knew he wanted the life in sunshine again. He found a great job at Schlumberger when he was 23 years old and was posted to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

When Jerry was 32 we connected again. We had family bonds and knew each other since birth. We got married within one year, and ten months after our marriage, Sophia, our first daughter, was born. We shifted from country to country for his work; he made nice promotions and was so proud of his work. His work he loved! Two years after Sophia was born, our second daughter, Eva, was born.

Jerry has lived in many countries and touched many cultures and hearts of people. The happy smile and warmth he always had and his positive attitude he always kept. His girls were his EVERYTHING in life, he lived for them! We miss our dear father and I miss my dear husband every single second of the day. We trust he is with us in spirit, guiding us through life, taking us where he wants us to be.