Kennedy Brown


Kennedy displayed strength and courage throughout her battle with brain cancer. She fought for 23 months from the day of her diagnosis in August 2012 until July 19, 2014, the day she passed.

The day Kennedy found out that her life was coming to an end, March 3, 2014, she cried some but mostly she thought of her brothers; asking her Mommie to take her to the bank to make a withdrawal. Kennedy wanted to purchase a gift for her brothers, Carson and Mason. When faced with death, she could only think of the ones near and dear to her heart.

One day in April 2014 I was having a sad moment, it was then that I asked Kennedy, “Was she daddy’s baby?” Kennedy replied, “Yes, but also remember that you have two more babies.” Kennedy’s wisdom never ceased to amaze me, she was a kind and giving young lady. She never gave up and continued to plan fun times with her family every moment of her short life.

Kennedy, your strength has given all of us the strength to continue. Your courage has prepared us to face a future without you. Your wisdom has provided us with the wisdom to know that we will see you again. Through your strength, courage and wisdom you have made a mark on all of our souls. We will always love you!!