Mike Pay

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On July 25, 2011, Dad was diagnosed with GBM after experiencing a seizure. Up until this day he had never had any health issues. The doctor told him he had 6 months to 1 year to live with good oncology care. At 12 months we believed he was going to beat this cancer, but at 13 months, the GBM began to grow. He did all the recommended treatments and even research treatments, but they did not help. Dad lived 23 months total battling GBM. On June 12, 2013, he passed away.

Dad is our hero and his grandkids will see one day how strong and courageous he was in his fight against brain cancer.

Mike Pay worked 39 years at DuPont caring for his wife, son, and daughter. He was very close to his mother Martha and his sister Pam. He had 4 grandkids Will, Landon, Jake, and Luke. They brought so much joy for my Dad. He loved his grandchildren very much. He also enjoyed spending time on the farm. He is missed and was loved so much. Dad gave us so many great memories and we know he is now at peace with The Lord.