Naomi Sheldon

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Naomi was a happy and cheerful person with a warm and friendly smile. She took a sincere interest in everyone she met, and was always trying to make the world a better place.

She was 35 and living in Colorado with her husband Oli, newborn daughter Jesse and dog Josie where she had followed her passion to open a bakery. Just a few months after its opening, life took a drastic turn when Naomi had a seizure. Soon after we learned that she had a malignant brain tumor, which required surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Most of this was at M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston. Naomi struggled with these treatments for 2 years, during which she maintained her amazing optimistic outlook on life. Naomi died surrounded by family and some close friends, on July 22, 2007.

Naomi touched many lives, and left us with wonderful memories. She loved people, loved life, and lived it with passion.